Installing live chat on your business website is a proven method for creating more conversations between your business and customers. Despite that, it isn’t always the best idea for all business owners. Below, we break down the good, the bad and the ugly with regard to the installation of live chat services on your website.

The Good

chatrify live chatImmediate Contact: Customers will return to websites with personalized service and love to know that their voice has been heard when concerns are raised.

Personalized Service: Direct communications with a company’s support department are more valuable to a customer. Talking in real time gives the customer the feeling that the business cares and that is something businesses can’t get with canned email responses. Chatting with a company representative encourages future purchasing decisions and allows the representative to ask questions and properly assist the customer.

Time Efficiency: Consumers are proven to cease business dealings with a company after experiencing a lack or delay in customer service response. Live chat services eliminates these issues with the aid of real-time customer service that aids the business in customer retention.

Cost Efficiency: It isn’t expensive to install live chat on your website and customer care representatives can easily learn the process to help customers with common issues.

Convenience: Live chat offers customers the ease of use in getting answers to questions that may not be readily available on your website. Customer care representatives may point the user to an article or item that they wouldn’t have otherwise noticed.

The Bad

Impersonal Approach: With any business, there are people who don’t wish to use new or innovative technology. These people are used to how things have always worked and may be more interested in talking with a person as opposed to chatting with a faceless being on a computer. If your customer is new to the live chat experience, then it may come off as impersonal as opposed to hearing the sound of a friendly, helpful voice on the phone.

Limited Access for Mobile Users: If your website has been optimized for use on mobile devices, but the live chat feature hasn’t been adapted, your customers who got used to this feature will be disappointed. With the higher prevalence of cell phone and tablet use it is advised to make sure this feature is available on every device or nowhere. If you decide to activate it on cell phones you must be sure that it works efficiently, easy to use and won’t block visitors to access other parts of your website.

Difficult to Understand for Some Users: Those customers who lack computer skills may brush off the live chat feature as something that will never replace the personable nature of speaking with a representative over the phone. Some customers don’t feel that they type fast enough, causing the live chat support to be more frustrating than it is helpful.

The Ugly

Time Consumption: When there appears to be no viable solution in sight for customers, live chat conversations may take an inordinate amount of time. In order to fully benefit from live chat installation, it should be staffed appropriately to take care of customer questions during regular business hours. Staffing these live chats is a cost that should only be taken on by larger companies with dedicated customer service professionals.

Work Interruptions: Employees may get into the flow of handling daily tasks and chat windows disrupt their thought processes. This causes a domino effect to occur, delaying the completion of other assigned tasks. Consistently stopping and starting tasks to handle live chat requests means that work originally slated for completion get put on the back burner. Live chat windows require immediate attention.


chatrifyBased on my above points now you can decide whether you want to install a LIVE CHAT feature or not. If you have a person who can handle this, it can definitely add many benefits. If you decide to do so I suggest to try CHATRIFY. It has great features and the basic service is FREE

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