I always tell people to use white-hat SEO techniques because I believe they work and they work long term. Search Engines are keep changing and what worked today won’t work tomorrow. However white-hat techniques will still give you success since the goal is to stay relevant, increase your content and optimize your site. This way you will add value to the community and you will prove you are not just a fly-by operator, who is here today and gone tomorrow.

For one black hat SEO is expensive and requires lots of time. Not that white-hat is not but why spend your time and money for something that might not work in the future? People who go for black-hat they want quick win without work. Another reason is that black-hat is illegal. In America and also in Europe there are regulations and many of the link buying and link spamming behavior violates these guidelines. There is not much enforcement we’ve seen but why would you want to risk it? You might get in trouble. Besides all these, spam is not reliable. Spammers are usually fly-by operators.

Conclusion is that spam never builds value. Organic marketing however attracts authentic traffic. Build value and with hard work and time it will pay off. White hat techniques can offer permanent success.


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