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Who is SEOperson?

Viktoria has been in the internet marketing field since 2008. She worked for agencies as well as in-house as SEO/SEM manager. Her clients’ success helped her to gain customers on the side and in 2016 she decided to be a full-time consultant and built Seoperson.net. She has been working now with a team of developers, content writers, and other internet marketing professionals.

What do we do?

Some business owners prefer to be involved in their internet marketing efforts but some prefer to just have a consultant to take care of everything. This is where we come in.

SEO Person is an experienced SEO and internet marketing consultant and has a reliable team of developers, copywriters we work with to deliver your website visitors the best online experience. Our specific focus is small and medium-sized businesses. We can redesign your website with the visitors, also search engines in mind and work on it each month to generate leads and sales.

The fact is that companies place their websites online and simply wait for the traffic to arrive. However, there is much more to that process. Competition is extremely heavy on the Internet. Most companies have an online presence today. Therefore, every company requires an edge to drive more traffic to their website and beat the competition. We will make that possible with our innovative ideas.

Grow your online presence

We can manage your complete internet marketing and website. If you need we will create videos, flyers, and landing pages. Our goal is not quantity, but the quality of each project, we create. We aim to give the proper amount of personal attention to every client to continue building long-term relationships.


Grow your traffic

Seoperson.net has a proven track record of using SEO and Internet Marketing where we’ve managed to appear ahead of the competition with many keywords. We’ve been running 30k+ Pay Per Click campaigns, retargeting, shopping ads, social media ads, email marketing, and more.

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Our steps to success

Website? Paid Ads? Organic Search? Social Media?

Which one first?

The fact is that if you are not on the first page of the search results, you are going to lose traffic to the competition. Certainly, a higher ranking with the top search engines will result in more traffic and potentially more sales for your website. But, what to do first?

We equip marketing leaders

Having a website that you will have full control over is basic. You need this first! This website needs to be responsive, visitor and search-engine friendly, and easy to navigate with clear menus. Pages and images need to be optimized. It needs clear Call To Action, forms, or clickable phone numbers.

If you have a budget for paid ads then that would be the next step to start getting traffic fast to your website. Having paid campaigns will keep you busy while you are waiting for the SEO to really kick in.

The next step is to create directory listings. Setting up Google Map, Yelp, Angies List, Houzz accounts is also very important. There are other paid ad options on these platforms as well. Depending on your business some might work well for you!

Setting up Social Media Profiles and start posting. This creates trust. Depending on the type of your business you can use Facebook, Instagram or others.

Quality link building: links from other websites are very important. This is a continuous process and needs to be done monthly. We are looking for good-quality websites that will link to yours.

Blogs, pages, and new content. This is also a continuous process and needs to be done to keep the website fresh. Search engines love a website that is always being updated! With your help, I could add project pages, images, and videos to your website regularly.

Updating plugins, creating back-ups, checking broken links, and fixing issues will keep your website up-to-date and more secure. If you don’t do this, you will risk getting hacked or things stop working suddenly. This should be a monthly process.

Business reputation is also part of the process which we should be working on together all the time. Many platforms prioritize business with more and better reviews, and collecting those reviews is paramount.

Let’s Work Together to Create Your Perfect Marketing Strategy

SEOperson is based on the belief that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. We don’t just want to earn your business, but we want to learn all about it.


Let’s talk about your goals. More leads or/and sales? Do you need a better website? Do you want to use Pay Per Click advertising?


When you hire SEOperson, you hire a team. If you need programming help, web designer, or professional writers we are all here for you.


Your success starts with hiring SEOperson. We are very motivated to get you the results you want and to achieve your goals.

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