Internet Marketing is new profession, there are no schools teaching it, we all learn from the sources that are available on the web and seminars. It requires a massive amount of knowledge and dedication to keep up with the newest trends and amazing analytical skills.

But what exactly internet marketers do?

keyword research: there are many tools are out there. Which one to trust? Have to test the keywords and optimize the website.

– keeping up with the Search Engines. Search Engines change and are getting more sophisticated. They come up with newer algorithms and the guidelines change all the time. You have to know what is accessible by the bots, PDFs, Word documents are but Flash is still a no-no zone. You have to avoid duplicate content so you won’t get penalized. You have to keep up!

knowing your redirects. If you are updating your site you have to know the ways to communicate with the search engines depending on what you want, temporary or a permanent redirect (301 vs 302 redirects) it’s important to know.

Web design and credibility. You want usability and quality traffic.

Content creation. Blogs, press releases, forums, copy writing

Localization, Geo targeting

Link building

Keeping up with social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts, video creation, viral marketing, word of mouth marketing but Digg Reddit, StumbleUpon is also part of the deal.

Advertising. Paid advertising, banner ads, e-mail blasts, contextual ads. Adsense vs YPN?

Analytics. Conversion tracking, ROI, how can your site be improved,? Why did it lose position?  Latent conversion tracking, A/B testing.

Nobody can be an expert in all but we try. Keeping up with the latest trends and reading is the key. I’m a member of numerous blogs, websites that talks about SEO. My favorites are SEOMOZ and SearchEngineLand. Please CONTACT ME if you’d like to increase your traffic on your website.

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