wordpressFor most clients of mine Wordpress is the best choice when considering a new website. It’s not just because it is easy to set up but it is easy to use. After I explain how it works everyone is able to understand how to get into the back-end and post a blog or update the pages. The key here is that the customer has full control over the content and don’t need to run to me all the time they need some update or add new pages.

WordPress is an open source Content Management System and blog tool. Features include a template system and plug-ins and of course the best part its blog. It’s fully customizable for your needs. What I like to do is to choose a premium template and customize it. I don’t like FREE templates because they can be spammy. Out of 8 tested Free Template only 2 came with no spam or hidden links to other websites. I would not recommend to use them.

Having full control over your website allows you to grow your content for better SEO.

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