Link Wheel Definition

By now you probably know that links are good for SEO. The most quality inbound links you have you will have chances to rank higher on search engines. A link wheel is an off-site technique and it’s getting more and more popular.

A link wheel is to create a multiple, 10 or even 100 small sites (blogs for example) on one particular topic. All the sites has different relevant content and include a link to your web site and another link to another of your small site.

Blog websites are ranked high and if you create your mini sites on these you will have quality links all pointing to you which makes you an authority on whatever topic you were trying to rank for.

You can see this is a lot of work but there are tools that can help you do this for you.

I would consider this a black-hat technique. My private opinion that this won’t work for long. Google and other search engines won’t like this type of linking structures at the end you might get penalized if you do this. Who knows? I would advise you to just stay with the white-hat techniques those work better for the long run.

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