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Website Optimization

It sometimes takes time for website owners to understand how online marketing works. It is not enough to simply have a website up and running. Potential customers must be directed to the website in order for it to be effective. This is why, when it comes to internet marketing, companies strive for achieving the highest ranking possible on the major search engines.

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Search Ranking Theory

The reasoning behind the importance of website pages ranking high in the search engines is really quite simple. First, potential customers are looking for products and services on the search engines. A list of search results appears with many options for a potential website visitor and consumer to choose from.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an essential step in page optimization process. It is the keywords that essentially drive an online marketing plan. Keyword research is regularly performed so that the most effective words are used in the online marketing campaign.

The keywords are researched so that the most popular words being used to search similar products and services offered on your website are incorporated into every aspect of your website and marketing efforts. Keyword research is an ongoing process that can be quite time consuming, which is why hiring an online marketing professional is advisable.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique and process used to improve the website visibility online. The goal is for web pages to naturally appear within the search engines at the upper portion of the search page.

Page Optimization

Page optimization is an integral step of SEO, the goal of which is not only to rank well within the major search engines, but also increase the readability overall, of the website for visitors. When used effectively, this technique can motivate visitors to stay on the page longer, encourage participation and inspire sales. There are many page optimization aspects to consider in the process:

  1. Title Tag Optimization – Technically “title elements,” they define document titles.
  2. Robots.txt Optimization – They allow search engine crawlers to access the website.
  3. Image & Hyperlink Optimization – Adding links to main keywords in website text.
  4. Header Tag Optimization – Helps tell search engines which pages to focus on.
  5. Off site Optimization and Link Building –  Developing a link strategy.

According to statistics, there is plenty of evidence which shows that web surfers generally choose whatever appears on the upper portion of the search engine page. This is a website’s search engine placement is so important.

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Pages appearing further down the page or past that first page rarely get noticed by web surfers. Since those web surfers often go on to become customers, website owners want to be seen on that first page of results so that they have a better chance of being chosen by the web surfer in that search engine.

Below are some of the key components associated with search engine page optimization:

  1. W3c Validation – Ensures web pages use standard coding.
  2. Working on HTML Source Code – Incorporates various aspects of web design into marketing.
  3. Page Rank Sculpting – Page optimization sends rank from highest ranking pages to most important internal web pages.
  4. Sitemap Creation – List of pages on the website.
  5. Google Base Feeds – Online database by Google to add web content.
  6. Reputation Management – Building, keeping positive and eliminating negative online reputations.


Finally, below are some key aspects for local page optimization that a professional online marketer may focus on:


  1. Local Search Engine Submission
  2. Customer Review Submission
  3. Updating Pages for Local Search


The above are some of the techniques that a professional internet marketer can use for effective page optimization and ultimately, the highest search engine rankings possible for a website.