Is Your Website Design Old And Outdated?


The internet has become larger than it once was. With everyone online, one can find, not only information, but products, services and people. Billions of sites are on the web, each fighting for the first few pages of primary search engines. The main factor in ranking online is page views and traffic, though keywords and links play an important role as well. Many businesses still do not realize that a great, professional and clean webpage can be a huge help with their customer base, as well as their ability to advertise. With an outdated, or unprofessional webpage, most people will leave within seconds in search of something better looking. This will decrease your rankings on search engines. For businesses, this means losing out on new potential clients and fans. There are millions of tools available out there to assist companies in creating a professional and neat website for them to display their wares.


Developing and designing a website is extremely important to the way people will view your business. Before designing, one must consider a few key factors: area accessibility, content, color and layout design. Accessibility means the navigation of the webpage. This must be relatively simple, otherwise people will have difficulty using the site and likely will leave to another page. The content of a page, however, is the information the viewers will read, as well how the website gets ranked in search engines. One must consider keywords, as well as pure content to describe the actual company and how they work. Content is what ultimately drives traffic to your site. The color scheme is important as it can add to a web page’s effectiveness. Certain colors clash, make text difficult to read and makes the page appear too “busy” or crowded. Lastly, the layout of the website must be clean, concise and assist in making the website easy to understand. Most users can decide in eight seconds if they wish to remain on the page.


For many businesses, it is simply a matter of updating their website to look more modern. This can often increase their rank on Google, and other popular search engines. Ranking on these search engine sites is imperative to a website’s success or failure. However, it can be a challenge to find the right balance between keywords and real information. The most important thing to consider when writing content is search engine optimization and user friendliness. Often, this means having certain keywords sprinkled throughout actual content about the company or products to help Search Engines determine what your website is about. 

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While content and appearance do matter a lot when it comes to web pages, one must also take into consideration their target audience. Who are you going to be appealing to with your products and services? Write to them in particular, use your keywords and watch the page hits grow! No business can ignore the importance of a well designed and marketed website today.


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