Owning your own website comes with so many different challenges. From publishing the best design to a live audience to choosing the best keywords to rank high in the search engines, there are a lot of decisions to be made when a site goes up. Particularly, when it comes to how to run the site in the most effect manner so that it will not suffer from an low ranking. With that being said, here is some invaluable information that all site owners should know.

Fortunately, there are many different ways to create a successful marketing campaign. However, some of the strategies used today are much more promising and successful than others. Specifically, when it comes to generating more revenue during the month. For instance, one proven technique and winning strategy for website owners all over the net is operating a blog as a complement to the site. It does not matter if the site’s focus is e-commerce, lead generation or self-service, a blog can help to maximize the potential instead of being confined to a finite set of keywords that can easily stiffen the progress of any website.

To that end, the question is, Why Should Your Website Have a Blog?

First of all, one of the first things that a website owner and their representatives should factor in is Google’s quality guidelines. Ideally, at its most basic level, the website must provide its audience with an expert level of knowledge about the subject matter that it represents. On the other hand, if the main goal is to dominate the Search engines’ ranking page in order to simply outrank the competition, the site owner and their reps should begin thinking outside the box so that they can expand the areas of the content in which they present.

Simply stated, adding blog is one of the best actions that can be taken if the site owner is expecting to gain search engine results page (SERP) real estate. With this strategy, it gives the target audience a chance to discover their brand. Also, in creating this new content, it is very important that site owner learns how to maximize the use of the tools provided by Google and the keywords or keyword phrases that can help them to reach the top.

Learning SEO’s role in the Conversion Funnel

Another important factor in understanding why a blog is critical to have with your website is to learn the actual role of SEOs in the Conversion Funnel. Though most people may understand that there is a direct correlation between appearing more times at the top of the search engine and the increase in click through rates, they may not fully understand the actual role that SEO plays as it relates to the conversion funnel itself. Unfortunately, when this happens, there is a breakdown in what can be achieved.

Fortunately, to fill in the gaps in this situation, it is important that site owners understand that when a consumer enters the funnel, they have actually begun the process of being a potential serious buyer. For instance, some consumers may start the process by researching for a service or product that they want to buy when they are comparing one product to the next. Others may start the process by attempting to solve a problem so they need additional info to make a decision.

Whatever the case or situation, educating consumers via the use of a blog can help to bring about awareness, interest, consideration and then lead to a conversion into lots of sales. With this in mind, whenever a blog is added to any site, they can begin to be an active part of leading consumers from the top of the funnel to conversion by providing the information that consumers need. While this may vary from one industry to the next, the concept itself remains primarily the same.

Why should your website have a blog? While there are a number of different reasons why a blog can beneficial, one of the most profitable is understanding the primary role of SEO’s in the conversion funnel. Once a site owner understands how providing a consumer what they need by educating their target audience, they can begin the process of leading consumers from the top of the funnel to lots of additional sales.

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