One of the newest projects I am working on is Energy and Focus which is an Energy Pill that keeps you running for many hours. This product is the result of my client’s years of research. He has to wake up early morning each day which was difficult for him in the past. He started taking different energy supplements writing down which ingredients are the best to keep him awake in those early hours. Later he created ENERGY AND FOCUS using the best ingredients.

The website was already up and running however it was made with a Shopify template which my client didn’t really like. So he asked for my help.

We went slowly with the design, creating it from scratch and work out all details step by step.

My initial design after talking to my client was STEP ONE:

web design 1

The initial design is never the final design, it’s always just a starter. He wanted a logo for TIME RELEASED so I came up with a creative idea in STEP TWO:

Since the pill is a pressed pill and not a capsule, even if it was very creative my client wanted to change the Time Released logo. Here is STEP THREE

Design Project 3

There were still issues that needed to be changing and tweaking so the final design becomes STEP FOUR:

Design Project 4

This is the one Im working with right now, the template for his new website. The latest design was version-15, but I didn’t want to bother you with all small little changes.

Energy and Focus  is one of the most exciting project I’ve ever worked on. The website will be fully optimized and I will work on the SEO to make it appear high on all search engines.

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