WordPress is a great blogging platform. Speed is essential for your WordPress website to keep your visitors satisfied as it makes the web pages load faster. When your WordPress website takes long to load, visitors may get bored and leave the page which makes you lose a lot of traffic that you have worked hard to get. To enhance the experience of your visitors and make them come back again, you need to improve the speed of the website. Read on to find ways on how to speed up your WordPress website.

Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

  1. Find a good web hosting provider

The web hosting provider that you select determines the speed of your WordPress website. Investing in a reliable web hosting company is worth it in the long term. Most web hosting companies offer shared hosting with unlimited services which may seem a good offer, but it may fail to deliver fast loading speeds. It is important that you select a web hosting company that has advanced technologies that will ensure 99 percent of uptime throughout. The best web hosting provider should have high speeds, and uptime and their customer services should be top notch. You can find one easily online but make sure you do some research about them.

  1. Use lightweight WordPress theme

WordPress offers you a wide range of themes to select the one that suits your WordPress. In this case, you should go for a lightweight theme that is fast to load. Themes that are heavyweight contain large page sizes and have various elements that make them take a longer time to load. Lightweight themes do not require many edits and plugins since they are simple and easy to use. Therefore, if your WordPress website is slow, check out the theme that you are using and choose one of the default WordPress themes, and the speed will improve.

  1. Caching

Your WordPress website can benefit a lot by using full page caching. It is one of the easiest changes that you can make on your WordPress website. With this method, your website will not need to generate a new web page when a visitor is browsing on your website. You can build the cache when a visitor goes to your web pages and save them and whenever other visitors requests for that page, they get it easily. The method is effective when you have backend problems, and your visitors will not notice any problems with your website. Besides, you can use cache rendering plugins to your visitors a customized experience.

  1. Compress the images

Images play a significant role in the speed of your WordPress website. It doesn’t matter the message they portray; if they are too big, it will take a long time to load that particular page with the image. For your WordPress website to load faster, use smaller images. You should reduce the image sizes by compressing them without affecting the image quality. There are various ways that you can compress the images online for free. Before uploading it is important to check the size of the images to make sure they are compressed for the website to load faster. In addition, you can compress the files once you upload on your website by smashing them using a well-known plugin.

  1. Plugins

It is essential that your WordPress website plugins are up to date. New versions are always coming up, and if the plugins are outdated, it can cause the website to take long while loading the pages. It can also affect the security of your website which may slow down the site. Checking the plugins once in a while is important to make sure they are updated to the latest versions. The process of updating plugins is easy and well provided on the WordPress website. If you have inactive plugins or those that do not work effectively, you should remove them as they slow the speed on the WordPress website. Nowadays, there are so many plugins that you can download which are not useful. However, it is worthy to carry out a search and decide on the best plugin that will give you a result that you desire. Not all the plugins deliver the kind the same result. Be sure to use the best plugins and lightweight ones.

  1. Reduce the size of your WordPress site

The size of the WordPress website affects its speed. If your website is small, the speed will be faster. If the website size is big, the best way to reduce it is by compressing to reduce the bandwidth. You can find various ways to reduce the bandwidth of the website online. By compressing the size of your websites, it means to reduce the number of files on the website which will make a visitor have an easy time accessing your website. Additionally, you can use smashing plugins in to help you reduce the large files on your website including the images and website files.

  1. Clean the database

You should go through your WordPress database and check for any data that you do not need and delete. Unwanted data include spam messages, files, users and drafts that you do not need in your WordPress. When you clean your database, the size of the database is reduced which makes your website much faster. You should also check the web files that you no longer need and remove them. Cleaning your database makes the rendering process easy and seamless. Therefore, it should be one of the must do in order to improve the loading speed of your website in order to reduce the bounce rate.

  1. Disable hotlinking

Another effective way of improving your WordPress website is by disabling hotlinking. Hotlinking increases your website bandwidth by a great margin. Hotlinking happens when another website uses your resources such as images on your website and every time the images are loaded on the other website; they also load on your website. It can lead to low website speed, and the best way to improve is by disabling them. Before disabling, it is important to determine if they are the cause of the slow speed in your website.

  1. Optimize your WordPress

The final way to increase the speed of your WordPress website is by optimizing it. On the homepage, there should be no unnecessary content and tools. Keep the homepage simple only display parts of the posts. Avoid putting many posts on one page as it can take longer to load. It can be difficult trying to optimize the pages manually; hence you should find effective tools online that are easy to use.

One of the major benefits of increasing the speed of your WordPress is enhancing your visitors’ experience. The above tips will help increase the speed and gain more traffic to the website. In the long run, you will enjoy the benefits as your WordPress website will rank high in different search engines. If you are not sure about your website loading speed, you can use a free tool like GTmatrix to determine how fast/slow your website loads. Besides, the tool is capable of giving you the necessary steps to make your website loading speed faster.

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