Search engines are changing every new day, and as a result, the way of website ranking gets affected. In this way, many of the website owners find it challenging to understand 2019’s style of optimization. As such, it turns out difficult for them to strategize on how to ensure that their sites maintain a better ranking position. However, if you’re a website owner, you have no reasons to worry anymore. In consideration of the above challenges, we present to you a list of SEO trends this year. These are points that you can consider observing for a chance to earn a better ranking in the search engine result pages.

Top 6 Most Important 2019 SEO Trends You Should Check Out

  1. Generate Mobile Friendly Versions

In March 2018, Google search launched what they call mobile-first index. What it means is that your mobile version is the primary element to the ranking of your website. We don’t imply that the desktop version is to get ignored, no. What we mean is that the mobile version is the primary factor towards your website ranking. You get it now? Mobile-first index is the key thing to keep in your mind. Failure to have a mobile-friendly website doesn’t deny you the opportunity of having your site ranked. Instead, it’ll only earn you a lower ranking position in the search engine result pages. Is that all to know about mobile-website versions? The discussion is even far from over without a mention on the mobile speed update. The loading speed is the critical determiner to the ranking of your website. And with mobile friendly website element being the key to the positioning of the sites, a high-speed website is your ticket to better ranking positions. What then are you waiting then? When you think of website ranking, this should always be your first option. Today, some website builders such as Wix has the trait incorporated. When you develop a website on Wix, it’ll automatically generate these mobile-friendly features.

  1. Creating Structured Data

SERPs are evolving daily. As a result, search engines such as Google are accessing extended data materials. Google, for example, can create specific meta-descriptions from the content already written. They also make use of structured data with an aim to generate rich snippets. And with a change in the arrangements of the advertisements, the space available is growing smaller each day. And this is the reason behind why you should aim at creating snippets that are eye-catching. And here is the best part of it; creating content-rich snippets keeps you in a position to increase your click-through rate for your site. Some sources claim that this can increase CTR with up to 30%. However, we find it necessary you note that your homepage won’t get review snippets. The need for the structured data is to make sure that, the snippets get displayed at all times. Examples of possible bits include calories, event data, rating stars or the opening hours. You should, therefore, aim to mark up the website content in the best way possible.

  1. Ranking through brand mentioning

From a post by Gary Illyes who is an SEO analyst, search engines such as Google makes use brand mentions in the search algorithms. According to him, brand mentioning can help in your ranking through two different ways. Through Unlinked Brand Mentions: in this way, the SEOs can learn that your brand is an entity. Therefore, search engines get to learn of all your brand’s properties. And this is how they learn about your engagement with the brand. Through Context matters and Component’s sentiment: in this part, Google will make use of the reputation, advertising, customer trust and complaints to do the ranking. You can improve on your site ranking through brand mentioning by:

  • Taking care of customers’ complaints with the aim of mentioning your brand several times online. Talk to your clients in a good way and aim to solve their problems. Such helps to increase the chances to mention of your brand in different platforms.
  • Use of Backlinks is another best way of improving your site ranking. It involves mentioning your brand while online, and doing it when you have a natural opportunity.
  • You should also consider seeking influencers who can mention your brand. Consider finding tools that can help you in realizing the best influencers in the market. Such will be a perfect way of making sure other people gets to mention about your brand while online.
  1. Improved User Experience

Another equally important aspect for better ranking of your website this 2019 is making sure you improve on your users’ experience. Most of the points already mentioned above work to improve on your site user’s experience. When generating a website, you should note that you’re not optimizing it for the search engines. You’re doing this for those potential visitors. Why then have something that is not user-friendly? And how do you make your website good for the users:

  • Improved Loading speed: You should use tools examples of gtmetrix as help in evaluating your site loading speed. The higher the loading speed, the better the ranking. Make sure not to ignore this part.
  • Easy to navigate website: The easier it is for users to browse through your website pages, the more it’s likely that you’ll earn a better ranking. Make sure that you have the best layout with everything in a convenient position. Also, make sure to use colors that talks to the visitor.
  • No technical errors: if you want to improve user experience while in your site, you should make sure that the website is free of technical glitches.
  1. Enhanced Website Content

Maybe you’re asking yourself, “does the content of my website matter that much?” Yes, it does. In early days any content you fix into your website page could work. But this is no longer the case anymore. When you have high-quality blog content posts at the corners of your website, it can facilitate the discovery of your website by the bots. As such, they send impacts to search engines confirming that your site is helpful in different ways. The E-A-T Google Search standards require that all the content of your website must be of great material. Great content means a better ranking. You should, therefore, devote much of your time, money and energy towards developing high-quality content. Note that, your content should always carry with it internal links to other pages of your website. In these ways, the bots find directions to other of your site materials and also work as a guide to visitors. And this is the way forward to get noticed. The more people navigate to different pages of your website; you stand in a position to receive a better ranking.

  1. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

There is a higher possibility of inserting keywords in remote locations throughout your site content. Because you feel that you’re competing for that keyword, you find it necessary to have it in your texts. The result is an offensive content, and this will lower your site ranking. And this is the point the LSI finds their way into the material. You should combine them with the main keywords, and this will give an opportunity to generate nice words that will automatically elevate your SEO ranking.

The above six are among the most important trends taking place in the field of SEO today. You should, therefore, consider implementing all these trends into consideration. If you get to observe all these trends, you’ll have a chance to maintain a better ranking in the SEOs.

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