So what are the 3 Top on-page factors to make your site search engine friendly?


1) The title tag is the most important pieces of SEO for any web page.  The title alone can work wonders to get your site on the top  in search results.

2) Second is the content itself. Your content should be relevant to your title  and has to be written around the keywords of your focus.  All your pages should be optimized for at least one but can be optimized up to 4 keywords. Don’t stuff your keywords, focus on people not on the search engines.

3) The third is the internal linking. Use relevant links to your other pages. This will increase your chances for all your pages to be found.


  • do not use any hidden text or hidden links (same color background with the same color text)
  • do not duplicate your content
  • do not use other keywords in your title and H1 tag except 1 main keyword phrase




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