We can all admit that inbound link building can be pain in the neck. It takes lots of effort and time to build good, high quality links. You sometimes spend hours to find related blogs and quality websites for opportunities and you never know if it is going to work or not.

We all know that .gov and .edu sites are ranked high and if you find something related and you get inbound links from these type of sites you get more juice for your work.

Enter this to your Google search window:

keyword+inurl:blog site:.edu

Use this code in Google’s search window. Of course instead of “keyword” you will have to enter the keyword and you can look for different extension like .gov or .com. In this case you will have to replace .edu with .gov or .com.

This is a great way to find related blog sites. Some of the blogs I found was really old but if you are lucky you will find a few blogs that is newer and you will be able to connect with the owner. You can ask for posting a guest post in their blogs or just ask them if they would link to your website. Start building relationships!

You can try the comment section although I don’t really advise this one.  If possible, leave comments but first read what the blog is about. If you are writing  real comments, the blog owner will more likely approve your comment.

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