1) Do not panic! It happens. Algorithms change, your rank can fluctuate! Don’t do anything that will make it worse. Wait a little bit it might go back to normal. In many occasions the fall in rank is only temporary. In the mean time you can check the following:

– Was there any server outage? Maybe when your last crawl occurred your server went down.

– Was there a recent Google update? Updates happen regularly and the problem may fix itself

– Check your Google Webmaster tools, was there any crawler error? Any broken links?

– Check if your site didn’t get hacked and maybe flagged for Malware.

– Check your incoming and outgoing links. Are they coming from or going to a website that was recently penalized?

If your answer is “no” to these questions and your rank still didn’t go back up you can do the following:

2) Retrace your steps is it possible that you changed something that could effect this change? Any keyword stuffing, tons of directory submission? Did you do any drastic server or content changes? Search engines can penalize you for this, and it can affect your rankings.

3) Start adding more content. Is it possible that you have not created new content to your site? Start adding well written, keyword rich content to your site. Let’s publish a press release and build more relevant inbound links. Please note: don’t forget to update your XML sitemaps after adding new content.


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