link buildingWe all know that the Google algorithm is constantly changing. What many people have a hard time grasping is how close the algorithm is to true artificial intelligence. When you type something into Google, it doesn’t just look at the words like it used too. When it looked at the words, it looked for the best fit, the best website about those specific words. Now it is looking at context of your query. It is looking at things that you have done in your web history. It is looking at all of your social circles and seeing what your connections have done in their web history. Google understands what your asking even if the exact words that you type into Google shouldn’t make under any sense to it.

Some people think that this means the end of link building altogether. That couldn’t be further from the truth. At the same time, some links will be worth much less than they used to be. Some links may even be worthless. Most importantly, some aspects of links will be what is less relevant.

Anchor text is one thing you can stop caring about what about now. For a while now the surrounding text around the anchor has been given more and more weight. Putting too much weight on anchor text has been hurting many people. If more than fifty percent of your anchor texts are exact match keywords, you’re going to have a hard time ranking especially if you’re a new site. As Google learns to read the surrounding context of each link, exact match anchors will get to the point where they won’t matter.

If you’re looking for link building techniques that can be scaled quickly, you need to realize it’s fruitless. Sure, scalable link building can make short term gains. Yet, Google is constantly updating their algorithm. They are looking at what we’re doing. They are looking at what spammers are focusing on. If you are using the same techniques to get links artificially pointed at your website. There’s a good chance that Google is going to target that type of links in the near future. Then, all the ground you have gained will be lost and then some.

Instead look for ways to market that people enjoy. Everyone loves to be entertained. You can’t entertain the same way Hollywood can, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put on a good show. No matter what kind of marketing material you go with, it needs to connect your brand and product with your user base. You need to make that connection. You need to make them love you. If you are not lovable to begin with, then marketing is not your biggest problem. Link building shouldn’t even be on your radar yet. You are still in the product development phase.

This doesn’t mean you should have the attitude of, “If I build it they will come.” You need to put yourself out there. First, you must have something that people want to come to. Then, you need to show them the road. When you have a good dialogue between yourself and your user base, your user base will be the one to spread your marketing around and spread your brand name around. Then, everyone in their circle, when they Google a relevant query, will be looking at you. It can grow exponentially from there.

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Interested in seeing what we can do for you?

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