Barnacle SEO is not new to small-scale internet marketers. Will Scott invented it in 2008 as a replacement for parasite SEO. Search engine algorithm methods are always changing, because of this; it becomes increasingly difficult for small businesses to compete with larger ones when it comes to attracting local visitors.

Search engines understand the unfair competition between large and small-scale businesses and try to accommodate such small businesses in local online searches. Barnacle SEO is the strategy adopted by the search engines to carry small businesses along with the bigger ones. Smaller businesses are allowed to attach themselves to larger sites.

Large websites would have more web visitors than smaller sites in terms of SERP. To get more web visitors, these smaller sites attach themselves to a larger websites like the Yelp, Google plus, Angie’s List, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, CitySearch, Yelp, Yellow Pages, LinkedIn, Yahoo Local, Merchant Circle and a host of others. Barnacle SEO is meant for operators of small businesses. For you to benefit from the Barnacle SEO you have to find out which of the larger websites or directories offers you the best search result.

How Barnacle SEO works

To select the best directory or bigger sites you would use, search for a relevant keyword for the business you want to promote and pick sites it ranks higher among the large directories. Any directory that you want to use, you have to optimize your profile. Make sure that your personal information such as your name, phone number, contact address, as well as your web address is contained in your profile. All the information must be correct. Your email address and the category of business you do must be included in the profile. It is advisable to include your photo. Moreover, provide a detailed description of the business you do. Providing comprehensive information is important, because it makes it easier for local web searchers to access your products and your services. It would also make it easier for potential customers to contact you. This is how you can benefit from this technique.

You are likely to be discovered by local searchers, this is because a study has concluded that more than fifty percent of mobile searches are local. Providing verifiable information in your profile would also help to promote your business, as it would make searchers leave a positive feedback in your profile. You have to link your profile in these directories from your website. It could take time before you set your profiles in most of these directories; you can however cut down on the time, if you make adequate use of the resources provided by those directories. As soon as you set everything, you would begin to discover the great differences it would make in your business, as your business would start to grow.

How to determine if Barnacle SEO is for you

Barnacle SEO is indeed for anybody offering small businesses or services. However, you have to determine, which particular directory is good for you and which one is not good for you. For you to determine which site is good, type your keyword to see whether it would occupy the front page of those search directories. The strategy would work for you anywhere your keyword occupies the first page of the search result. When it is good for you, you can go ahead and build on it.

Boost your profile and content using links

You can start posting to these sites. Create URL links to these sites. You should focus on building relevant and high quality links. The best way you can create high quality links is by linking your various posts together. You should be sure of the quality of links you provide. Low quality links would perform poorly, because there are other links competing with you in the same directory. Your links can only compete favorably when it is a high quality link.


Now you have seen that Barnacle SEO is for small business owners. As a small business owner, you have to optimize your profile. Post high quality content and links. This way, you are sure of deriving maximum benefit from this optimization method.

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