If you have posted a lot of great original content on your bog, do not just let it sit there . . . recycle it to grasp the attention of even more people! Performing this type of action is a very practical way to boost your online presence!

Content with the Most Hits

To start off, go ahead and identify what posts on your blog have obtained the most hits. Then, you should analyze if the content can be reused, as there is some content that comes accompanied with an expiration date. Once you define the content that even after time has passed is still relevant and striking to people, find what is currently in trend so that you can adapt new details to it. The following are tips you should put into practice to make the most it!

The Top Tips to Successfully Recycle Your Blog’s Posts

Make a Video

Videos are the easiest way to get information to people. In this sense, making a video with the content of your blog is an excellent way to recycle, since you can generate a different post and people will share it on social media or video platforms. It will also allow you to bring your YouTube channel to life. Do not only upload it to YouTube; go ahead and upload to other popular sites, too, like Daily Motion.

Turn Old Posts into eBooks

An original way to recycle content from a blog is to choose the best posts and turn them into an attractive eBook to increase the authority and credibility of your site. Ebooks are tools that will allow you to bring value to your blog. You can opt to give eBook for free to those who opt to subscribe to your newsletter. If you stop to think about it, this is an excellent email marketing strategy that can garner your blog a loyal following.

Upload Post’s Photo to Instagram

Upload a photo that reflects what a post that you are recycling is all about. Under the photo, do not forget to provide some information and then the link to the content on your site. For example, if you want to recycle a post that talks about car accidents, upload a photo of a car crash and then type in the title of your post at the bottom, with the link beside it.

Become an Expert on Quora

People tend to go to Quora to ask questions. You can utilize this platform to raise the visibility of your blog by answering a question and then inviting people to click on a link to a post on your site, that goes hand in hand with the topic.

Turn Posts into Infographics

Infographics are an extremely attractive tool that combine design, textual information, and analysis to convey a message in an attractive way. In fact, they are currently a resource that should be in any blog. Since presentation is trend, they are very easy to understand and can be shared through social networks, which can generate more traffic to your blog.

Utilize PowerPoint to Create Slide Show

Utilizing PowerPoint as a slideshow tool with the recycled content of your blog, is a great way to get more visitors. Make sure to upload it to SlideShare.


This is the most common way to recycle content of a blog, for which you must improve the information to make it even more attractive, change the images and apply adequate SEO in order to adapt it to current times.

Copyright Posts

A lot of site owners tend to forget that copyrighting online content is of extreme importance. There are always individuals out there trying to hunt for popular content to paste it onto their sites. Contrary to popular belief, copyrighting content is not expensive. It is an affordable, easy, and fast process.

Analyze Referral Metrics

After putting into practice the previously mentioned tips, analyze in a few days where your traffic is coming from. Don’t be surprise if you find out that a galore of traffic is coming your way from all the platforms mentioned. Put these tips to the test so that you can see for yourself the positive impact that they can cause.

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