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Nowadays, the nest marketing is carried out through social media. Your posts and ads made on different social media platforms reach millions of people every day, so the results are satisfactory and sometimes even exceed our expectations. Let us understand how to build marketing on four giant networking platforms: Google +1, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.

Google +1. When you first sign up, Google+ automatically scans your existing connections to see if any of them are using Google+ and invites you to connect with them by placing them in one of your Google+ Circles. While this isn’t a bad way to make sure you’re staying engaged with your current audience, it doesn’t really expand your reach or introduce you to new people. To do that, you’ll need to submit your keywords for a more detailed Google+ search. You can find and search a list of top influencers through Social’s Google + statistics.

LinkedIn. Some people conduct a people search in LinkedIn for job titles, but this often casts too large a net for productive connections. Instead, try using the keywords you’ve identified to help you find connections through some of the subgroups and topic threads on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn answers both provide great opportunities to find the right connections for your business. You don’t need to start a group to get the full benefit of LinkedIn Groups. You should start out by searching for and joining groups that are relevant to your business, and then connecting with group contributors. You can use the same approach with LinkedIn Answers. Connect with people who are already talking about your core topics, and pose your own questions and connect with the respondents.

Twitter. Much like Google+, it’s fairly easy to find top influencers for a given topic on Twitter. You can find them by taking a look at Twitter’s recommended lists of who to follow for the topics you’ve selected. Remember to balance these “top tweeters” with more targeted tweeters who match your interests, despite their audience size. Once you get past the big influencers in your space, take a look at the lists of people who follow them. Or, search Twitter for mentions of your keywords and follow individuals who talk about those topics frequently.

Facebook. Making brand new connections on Facebook can be a little bit trickier because it doesn’t have the culture of business networking that LinkedIn does, nor does it have the non-reciprocal follow expectations as Twitter and Google+. Still, there are a couple of good tactics for making relevant connections to your Facebook business page. Whether you start off with 12 fans or 200, it’s worth engaging your existing fans in the effort to grow your page’s reach. Give your fans content that is worth sharing; as each successive fan shares your content, your page’s exposure will grow.

When you’re first getting started, growing your social media community can seem like a daunting task. The best way to tackle it is to dedicate ten minutes a day– no more, no less — to finding people online that would add value to your community and, in turn, get value from connecting with you.

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