Stracoa Construction Services

Competition is fierce in the home construction industry. If you are not on the first page of the search results, your competition, who are there will take the business. We took the time to do a search in your area and see how your website performs. Please allow us to show you what we found:

Pay Per Click Ads

We used the term “home remodeling” in Magnolia on Google. This is our result. People tend to click on websites on top of the result page. These results in the search engine are all ads. Advertisers pay when someone clicks on their ads. Your competition will get more leads and sales. Advertisements are not cheap. It takes time and optimization until ads perform well. However, with quality leads, one or two converted leads a week can pay for your advertisements. (We also tested roofing but we did not find Stracoa Construction)

What can we do?

  • Determine your budget

  • Keyword research

  • Set up, optimize and manage Pay Per Click campaigns

Google Map

Below the ads, you will find the Google Map results. These are businesses with close proximity to the customer’s location with the most and the best reviews. Stracoa Construction has not come up here. Companies that have 52-30-19  Reviews came up here. You have currently 10 amazing reviews. To come up here, you will need more reviews than your competition, and keep this page updated with posts and links to your website.

What can we do?

  • Getting more reviews from existing customers

  • Keeping Google Business listing updated by adding all content that we add to the website

  • Complete the listing by adding more project pictures and information

  • Create pages on your website with locations that you are targeting

Organic Search

These results towards the bottom are called organic search results. Since Google doesn’t make money with these, those are falling lower down the page. Most people nowadays won’t go to the second or third of the result pages when they are looking for a business. It is important for you to be on the first page as close to the top as possible with your main terms if you want traffic on your website. To get to this section of the page, you will need a well-done, well-optimized website that is fresh and updated regularly. Your area is not as competitive as Houston so getting in these results won’t be that difficult with a well-designed website with a blog which can help tremendously to grow a website’s content. It can lift your website up to appear when people search for similar terms. The more times you appear when people search for anything related to your business, the more chance you have to get leads through the website. You don’t have to wait for word of mouth anymore. Quality websites pointing to yours is also important.

What can we do?

  • Adding new quality blog posts each month

  • Technical SEO, manage Search Console

  • Optimizing pages, images, adding META titles and descriptions

  • Getting links from other quality websites

  • Google Analytics, Reporting, Goal tracking


Trust is very important online. 20 years ago, you just set up your website and you were able to just generate leads. Today, there are hundreds of competitions. The ones who work on their website regularly come up higher in the search results. Your website is ok but it doesn’t seem to get updated often, the date on the bottom is 4 years old. Google loves websites with fresh and new quality content. If you don’t have that, people will leave and this will result in falling behind in the search results.

What can we do?

  • Design a modern WordPress website with clear call-to-action

  • Add regular new content in the form of quality blog posts, before-after pictures, project pages, and more

  • Fix broken links, and images and update the website software when needed

Before After Pictures

You have a Facebook Page, Website but not that many pictures posted. People love Before-After images and project pictures. When you work with us, we will always upload and optimize your latest pictures. We can create dedicated project pages displaying images during the process.  You just have to send it to us via email and we’ll take care of it.

Some Companies We Are Already Working With

Strategic Design & Marketing Plan


  • Modern WordPress website design with clear Call-To-Action

  • Website content if needed

  • Adding a blog, with 2 initial well-written blog posts

  • Technical SEO – Phase I (META Titles, descriptions and image ALT tags)

  • Add Google Analytics tracking code

  • Set up website with Google Search Console

  • Update Google Business listing

*Price is only valid when you sign ONE YEAR Internet Marketing and Website Management contract



  • Driving traffic leads and sales
  • Content and Blog writing and updates
  • Technical SEO, optimizing
  • Website management and software updates
  • Monthly timesheet and reporting

For Additional Costs:

  • Paid ad campaign initial setup and management
  • Social media ads setup and management