local searchIf you have a local business the people in your city, town or neighborhood are your primary target and should be able to find you when they need you. This can’t happen if you don’t show up on local search results.

If you offer plumbing services in Brooklyn and someone goes online from that area in search of a plumber, they should find you, if you don’t, you have a problem. I’ll walk you through the major reasons why you won’t show up in your local search results.

1. If You’re not Listed on Google My Business

Setting up a Google My Business Page has become very important in the recent years. If your business has been around for a while, most likely Google automatically added you already. You need to find and claim your business then update it with all the information.

2. If You Lack Consistent Online Data across the Web

Google will usually check the web to see if there are information about your business. They’ll check to see if the information you provide on every site, blog, social media platform and ad page is consistent. They can’t risk having to promote a fake business. This is why you must ensure that information about your business on all web platforms are not just sufficient, but consistent as well.

3. If You Ignore Google’s Quality Guidelines

Google, and most other search engines are paying attention to their quality guidelines. If they’re going to recommend your page at the top of SERPs, it must meet certain conditions. In fact, some experts call these conditions “rules” and not “guidelines” because you must adhere if you want a high ranking.

  • Only the business owner or an authorized individual can verify the business listing.
  • Use your business’ real physical address.
  • Your business must be legal to create a listing.
  • Use your local phone number.
  • Use your real business name as the name on your listing.
  • Ensure you use the same email address attached to your domain name.

4. Not Optimizing Your Website for Your Location

You already know that searchers will be searching for products and services near them. This means you need to let them know that you are near. In your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you must optimize your location. Include your location on the website’s title tag, in your meta description, copy body, and other parts of your web pages.

5. If You Lack Reviews

As important as this factor is, it is often ignored by companies. Google gives a lot of attention to what users think about your products and services. This is why reviews matter a lot. Of course, it is better if these reviews are positive. Not having reviews will not stop your business from showing in local searches, however, reviews will greatly enhance your visibility and ranking on SERPs.

If you have been wondering why you won’t show up in local search results, you should endeavor to introduce these above components into your business. It is important that potential customers from within your city can find you easily and patronize your business.

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