I got some very weird keyword suggestions from someone who was claiming they were SEO professionals. They came up with “Facebook, Company, LinkedIn” home page title for a prostate  supplement selling website. I didn’t understand how any professional can come up with keywords like this…

Anyways even though they don’t seem professionals someone mentioned that they must be doing something right because they improved the  Alexa rankings significantly.

I knew if you have millions of real visitors your Alexa rank will grow. It’s hard to fake millions. You will have more leads and sales. However if someone just manipulating the data then your amount of leads and sales won’t grow.

But how easy to manipulate the ratings? I found out that if your website is not in the top 1000 then you should not believe the Alexa ratings. You can improve your page rank dramatically by downloading and installing the Alexa Toolbar and browse your own website. I assume this is exactly what these “professionals” do.

Also if you think about it, millions of people have the toolbar installed, but these people are more likely to be tech savvy, webmasters, designers, internet marketers, programmers, seo people… These people visit your site more often which will increase your Alexa ranking.

Basically you should not trust the Alexa ranking. Having a high or low Alexa ranking does not help a site one bit, unless you want to use it to impress people who are impressed by this sort of thing, but do not understand it.

If you have a high traffic blog your advertiser might asks for your Alexa to determine how much the advertisement cost on your website. However if you own an e-commerce site you should worry about the amount of sales or leads instead of your Alexa rankings. Use Google Analytics to follow the amount of traffic and visitor behavior you have and try to increase your quality visitors not the quantity.

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