Google Analytics Goals


Google Analytics doesn’t just allow you to track the number of hits to your site, or web pages, or even the keywords that are causing the traffic inflow. The ability to set-up Goals in Google Analytics allows you to track user behavior, as well as the overall success of your online marketing campaign.

Introduction to Goals

Google Analytics provides you with a mechanism for measuring the business objectives for your site. This mechanism is referred to as Goals. Your business objectives must relate to a measurable action that visitors to your website must perform. For instance, if your business objective is to generate leads, you must have a Contact Form that visitors to your site will fill in. This combination of lead generation and Contact Form will constitute your Goals in Google Analytics.

The Purpose of Setting Goals

 “What do you want people to do on your website?” You must ask this question, before setting up your Goals. The focus must be on the measurable action that you need your visitors to perform. However, you must note that this action will most of the times, involve a sequence of steps, each having corresponding measurable actions, in order to lead to successful conversion. Therefore, Goals will enable you to track the number of conversions on your site.


How to Set up Goals in Google Analytics

Before you set up Goals for your website, you have to consider the following factors:

  • What are your business objectives?
  • What determines the overall success rate of your website?
  • What measurable action do you wish to track on your website?


These three factors will help you to define your Goals, as well as come up with the appropriate mechanism for measuring their performance. For instance, the business objectives might be to make a sale, generate leads, raise awareness, or create loyalty. The corresponding actions would then be completing a purchase, completing a contact form, downloading a whitepaper, or subscribing for newsletter respectively. Setting up Goals in Google Analytics involves the following steps.


  1. Determine your website’s Goals
  2. Configuration of the Goals for each profile
  3. Definition of your Goal Funnels
  4. Analysis of your Goal performance

This process involves going through your entire website and looking at the step-by-step procedures that visitors will have to follow, for your objective to be achieved. You can then use these procedure to determine the measure of success.



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