I’ve been a Google Qualified individual for a few months now but now I become Google Adwords Certified Partner!

According to Google:

What’s the difference between a Qualified Individual and Certified Partner?

Individual Qualification is a way of demonstrating proficiency in AdWords, attained by studying for and passing our certification exams. Anyone who passes both the Fundamentals exam and one of our three advanced exams, and complies with our program terms and conditions, can achieve Individual Qualification. The addition, the advanced exams gives individuals a way to study for exams related to their role or specialization as a way of differentiating their skills.

For a company to qualify as a Certified Partner, it must have at least one employee who has met the Individual Qualification guidelines in addition to having managed at least $10,000 spend over 90 days. Company certification is an opportunity to reach a globally recognized level of expertise from Google. Another difference between the two types of qualification is that individuals receive certificates rather than badges when they become individually qualified. Certified Partners receive a certification badge that’s hosted by Google. 



Congratulations Viktoria! 

Your Company is now a Google AdWords Certified Partner! 

This means you can display the Google Certified Partner logo on your website and use it in your marketing materials and may link to your program Profile page which details your achievements to prospects.
Congratulations once again on this achievement. 


Google AdWords Certification Team

Adwords Certified Partner





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