I recently moved to another State and ended up looking for a new job. Most companies I was interviewing with were companies that already had online presence but they never had SEO done. Now they are realizing that they need internet marketing to create brand awareness which will result more sales. Those companies were over 10 years old and they are not exactly sure why they have to do SEO but they know they need a SEO Expert.

I got asked if this is a full time job and what will happen later down the line when I optimized the website and we already appear on the first page. I usually answered that we might need a whole marketing department if everything goes the way we plan it. For long time SEO benefits there are no short cuts. It is a slow ongoing process that will show results only months after we start it.

To write unique, quality content, link building, optimizing for the right keywords takes time. Search engines appreciate new and growing content. People are looking for new information and search engines know this. Most website that appears high in the search results have regularly updated/created content.

Besides SEO there is Social Media, Email marketing. You can have Pay Per Click campaigns, or try affiliate marketing. Maybe you want to be national, international. Press releases, forums, videos… You see? So many things you can do. One of my favorite is writing blogs. Blogs are perfect way to add new content to a website. Imagine it as a diary where you can add your experiences, product updates, news regarding your industry. More the better, advised to have new content added to your website at least twice a week. If this is not enough there are always new trends, techniques coming out. Internet marketing and SEO is a never ending process and in order to win, you have to keep up!

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