Many businesses offer their services or products to multiple countries which can make your targeting harder. SEO for one website is time consuming and hard enough, let alone targeting many different countries. International SEO takes time and there are some important details to consider.

  1. You have to know your target country. In some European countries people don’t like to use credit cards online, they order products online but pay offline. In these countries you have to offer alternative payment options.
  2. You have more chance to succeed if you host your international domains in the given country. For example .hu should be hosted in Hungary, .ca should be hosted in Canada etc. In some countries get hosting and registering a domain is not easy, it can take weeks and it is usually more costly than in the U.S.
  3. Use Google Places in all the countries you plan to target. Make sure that your information is correct.
  4. Quality local links leading to your site is great but you have to also interlink your sites. Link to the same page in each language for example the English About Us page could link to the German About Us page and the Russian About Us Page.
  5. Translate only the pages that are important. Now Google offers translation of pages that are not the searcher’s language.
  6. Some Asian countries are blocking western social networks and users in many Asian countries use Baidu as their first choice of search engine. In these countries you will have to optimize differently.

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