It can be thrilling getting your website or blog built. But suddenly it dawns on you. The empty space needs filling! And if you maintain a blog, you have to keep updating it! Some small businesses choose to create their own content. Others hire writing help. There’s no right or wrong way to go about it. But what you achieve matters. Therefore in either case you need to know what Google is looking for. If you understand this, you can find and brief quality seo content writers or appreciate how to create your own content that works.


Google Panda, rolled out initially in February 2011, is designed to weed out poor quality websites and blogs. Or put another way, Google wants to help people find good quality results. Google Panda is on-going: there is a Panda refresh this week. Google gave webmaster’s guidance on how to stay on the right side of Panda. This guidance combined with the signals Google’s human page raters are asked to look out for, give us a pretty clear picture. While it’s said that these ratings do not influence search results directly, you can bet they have some influence long term. After all, the science of artificial intelligence needs human input to evolve.


I’ve mentioned quality a lot but this is ‘first base’ in creating content Google loves. Google wants content that is “very satisfying, useful, or helpful for its purpose.” This is content that draws the visitor in, and keeps them on your page. This makes complete sense. In this context you can understand why a high bounce rate would count against you. So it doesn’t matter to Google if your content is designed to sell a product or service or make people laugh or offer a personal opinion. But your page or post should have a clear purpose. What’s required is a reasonable amount of content that is on a par with professional quality writing. This means a similar quality to newspaper or magazine writing (albeit in a different style).


These standards apply even if the content is written by business owners with no online or writing experience. Google doesn’t care what your day job is. Writing to this level is a time consuming process. Google’s not just looking for original content. Your content also has to be accurately researched, deliver value to your visitor and engage them. It’s worth asking yourself whether content you write yourself or commission from a seo writing service passes the ‘so what?’ test. There’s quite a bit more to it of course. But if you can honestly say your content meets these goals you’ll be well on your way to reaching the standard Google demands of high ranking sites.



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