Eye-catching websites are what brings in a viewer. Articles regularly posted on the site is what brings them back. The more links to your website, the better position for you to acquire more, the more visibility you will have for your company. Good content and SEO helps your website receive more visibility.

An important meeting in the morning requires your attendance. A luncheon mid-day keeps you from the office. In the afternoon, clients request your presence at their suite. With all the activity, it is difficult to regularly maintain your website. Without it, you are in jeopardy of losing the rank status for your site in the eyes of search engines. In the age of computers and technology, a website is imperative for your company. You realize you need a professional to help you.


Many job posts require SEO professionals with perfect writing skills. But should it be a requirement for SEOs to be perfect writers? Once you begin a little research into the topic, you see you have options. Here are a few points to consider:


  • Price. Outsourced content is generally less expensive especially if you use websites like ZERYS. For about $10-12 you can have simple articles written for you. Using your SEO or internet marketing person to do the writing means you are overpaying for writing.
  • Time. Content writing takes lots of time. Outsourced content is written more quickly. When outsourcing, companies have a large bank of writers, so many guest blogging writers can produce multiple articles at once.
  • More Variety. Instead of having the same tone and point of view, the content is written in ways that is attractive to a larger audience of readers.
  • Skills. Your in-house SEO might be good at internet marketing but she/he is not always be the perfect writer. SEO is a different skill set. Writing is for writers. They do that for living.



If you wish to have content produced by writers from a company with an array of writers, use guest bloggers or a writer network like ZERYS. Cheaper, quicker and better results. Your SEO will still have to optimize the articles for your websites but that is what you are paying for. You pay for their skills to optimize websites for the readers and the search engines.

Generally, you decide what the content subject and keywords are for the writers. You have it posted on a bulletin board from which the writers choose the assignment. Once the writer has returned the article, you review it to see if you like it. If so, you take the content for your own. If not, you reject the article with no cost to your company.


SEO Requires Good Writing Skills

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