Even though I prefer SEO I must admit that PPC is also needed. Especially at the beginning when your website is new and you are not showing up in the search results. Later too you I advise you to use Pay Per Click advertising, you don’t want to lose any sales.

I would even advise you to run a couple of ads for a couple of weeks to see what keywords are working the best for you and then optimize your website around those.

Pay Per Click ads can definitely help you to bring traffic. When your websites is already in the top results, you can adjust your campaigns so you only use keywords that are not yet successful.

Pay Per Click works wonders for many businesses. Some companies invest thousands of dollars daily. You maybe can’t spend this much but it’s possible to set up your campaign up with the amount you are willing to spend.

I’ve been running PPC advertising campaigns for years. I might be able to get you coupons as well.

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