SEO is important for boosting your website presence and link building is an important part of SEO strategies. If you have created a great website but are wondering why it is not on the top of search results, this could be as a result of not using the right SEO strategies. SEO takes into account search algorithms and optimizes your site according to their recommendations. This means your website is optimized for higher search result rankings.

When search algorithms decide which websites are ideal for promoting, they take a number of factors into consideration. The content needs to be user-friendly and relevant. It helps if you have a social presence, quality backlinks, and people spend a good amount of time on your website. Relevance, user-friendliness and link building is all the responsibility of your internet marketing team.

As SEO expert, I consider the following factors to help boost your website:

Domain Authority: DA needs to be considered when building links. This is essentially the same as having friends in the right places. SEO experts are able to use connections to attract high-ranking sites, so they will mention the client’s page or business. This helps to generate interest for the client and bring attention to their site.

Content Quality: Without high-quality and grammatically correct content, a website will not be in the first pages of search results. It is also essential in winning backlinks for the client. A top-rated website will not want to be linked with another site that is full of poor content as this will impact their rating and reputation.

Moz Spam Score: This is a warning to websites indicating certain ones should not be associated with. A high rating on this score will often have high spam content and you will not want to be linked with it. Too much spam pushes your website to the bottom of search engine results.

Website age: The age of the website is a good indicator of success. When your website is meeting customer needs, it will be in service for longer. We understand that this is important when choosing which sites to link to, and will only create backlinks to websites with solid reputations and longevity.

Topical relevance: This means associating with websites that are in the same genre as you. If you are in the automotive industry, you will get more views within an automotive portal versus an education portal.

Link placement: This is the most important factor of all. Link placement involves selecting the right location for the link to generate the most clicks and interest. A backlink to a top-rated company will not be useful at the end of an author bio. Links work more effectively when placed prominently on the website.

We understand the importance of content in getting links and the other necessary approaches to establishing strong backlinks for your site. We help you get a website that is relevant and promising, then we get you the quality links, considering the factors above, to boost your website in search rankings. We also continuously monitor the links to ensure they stay relevant and strong for your site. Building links is essential to website success, so let us help you today!

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