Building up a website for your business is great as many people are now relying on the internet more and more each day to do simple things such as locate businesses, order food, look at reviews and much more. By implementing a proper SEO campaign you can ensure that you are right in front of the customers face and thus you will receive more visitors which equates to more sales.


Many of us are accustomed to looking at the return on our investment (commonly abbreviated to ROI) whenever we do promotions or some sort of marketing campaign. This means that we will probably take the ROI into consideration when looking at an SEO strategy, but should ROI really be a factor? We’ll be answering that question below.


Necessary or Optional?


It seems that many businesses view SEO as an optional factor of their site and act as if they can get by just fine without it – this simply is not true. Search engine optimization is a crucial necessity for your online business and without it your efforts are pretty much futile. What is the point in spending thousands on web design and hundreds on content if no one will be able to find your site?


The ROI Factor


Taking ROI into consideration is understandable when it comes to business, after all, it’s no good purchasing products or services if they simply aren’t making you any money. However, this can prove to be detrimental when looking at SEO services as there is more than just ROI that has to be taken into account; your whole online presence depends on your SEO campaign and so it’s not really a question of “how can you afford it?” but more a question of “how can you not afford it?”.


A good thing to do is to simply not look at how much SEO will cost you and don’t view it as an investment. The whole basis of your online presence depends on your search engine optimization strategy and so it is basically holding everything together; don’t compromise on this aspect but instead understand that it will accentuate other areas of your business and help your business grow and develop.




So to answer the question, “should ROI really be a factor in your SEO strategy?”, the answer is simply no. The reason being that SEO shouldn’t be looked at as an optional extra, instead it is a necessity that any business with an online presence should be required to implement. Failing to follow a proper SEO strategy will basically mean that you are wasting your time online as nobody will be able to find your site very well. 


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