One of the most trafficked sites on the internet is eBay. Anyone hit with a desire to spend will most likely head straight to eBay. This goes for business people as well. If one is willing to sell something or dispose an item, eBay is the place to go. As a seller, there are a couple of tips one needs to keep in mind. This article explores these tips to make one trade faster and successfully.

Use and established account and get feedback

One needs to start small at EBay. The focus should be selling small cheap stuff that everybody will be ready to gamble on. The next thing is to request feedback for every item sold and give your feedback to every item you buy. This will establish your account as a credible trading account. No one is willing to buy a 15,000 yacht from a new account! Success in business is about getting the customer to trust you.

Post Photos

It is important to make sure that one posts photos of the items they are selling. The photos should be of the item itself not a different item of the same kind. If it has a dent, let the photo show it has a dent. This way, one gets the trust of the customer for giving them what they saw and therefore were expecting.

Research selling prices

Every item has it final selling price in any market. EBay is no different. Despite a low initial bidding price, there is the final price that all the offers cannot surpass and one needs to know it to make sure they sell every time.


When selling products, one should consider the packaging and posting costs. Almost all clients will prefer to go for items offered with free postage and packaging. Before offering these offers, it is wise to make sure that the price will have enough profit margins to cover everything. It is also important to avoid offering collection only items. Make sure you have a rough estimate of postage incase the buyer wants you to post it for them. There is no point in losing a sale because one does not want to charge postage fees.

Extra promotional Fees

It is important to know whether it is worth it to list an item with or without insertion fees. Insertion fees make the product stand out but one has to pay for it whether or not the item is bought. The insertion fees afford one more pictures, Reserve price, Buy it Now price, Scheduled listings and featured status. It is not something you want to do unless there is a huge profit margin one expects to make.


The item posting will finish the default allocated seven days of listing. But is the Sunday afternoon that is most busy and it may be worth it to make sure one has their items listed to appear on a Sunday afternoon. One can even pay a small schedule fee for it.


Use bar codes to make sure the product is not confused with other similar products. One can use a Smartphone app to get the barcode products and add them to the listing.

PayPal Payment

It is worth noting that PayPal offers protection to buyers. Not having PayPal as an option puts one across as hiding something or wanting to get away with a buyer’s money easily.

Power Seller

One can achieve this status by selling $3,000 worth of goods and making over 100 transactions each year. Getting this status qualifies one for a reduction in fee.


Buy a store front and achieve a unique design that showcases what you have to offer. EBay has actual templates that one can still customize to their own liking. The price starts at $20 per month.


Make sure if you are using a template then everything is clear and easy to read. No one will stick around to strain reading while searching for items to buy. Lack of clear text is a sign the seller is not serious about their business.

These tips should help anyone get on their feet in no time. Business is always about timing, quality and satisfying demand.

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