This month, SEOmoz has launched the results of their eagerly awaited search ranking factors survey for 2013 here, highlighting the thoughts of some of the industry’s top experts on what makes a website rise or fall. Given the seismic shifts in SEO this last year, it’s a great time to evaluate what in this industry of ours really helps, and what’s worth more trouble than it’s worth.


What are the main ranking factors?

Page Authority remains the number one factor, though this in itself incorporates a huge number of contributing elements (to quote Rand Fishkin ‘It is based off of the Mozscape web index and includes link counts, mozRank, mozTrust, and dozens more’) so it’s not really a great answer in itself. The number of Google +1’s comes in at number two, showing that Google is once again prioritizing it’s own agenda, forcing companies the world over to utilize its social media platform. The third factor is ‘number of contributing C Blocks’ which basically means the number of linking sites from separate IP’s. So from those initial findings the basic ranking is the same as ever: you need a good site, with a healthy domain and page authority, lots of links from diverse locations, and some social media activity proving you’re genuinely popular.


What’s up and coming?

Author rank seems to be the topic on everyone’s mind these days, emphasizing the need to get your G+ profile set up and connected to your site as soon as possible. To be fair it’s a good move on Google’s part, ensuring authors are rewarded for posting more and building up a reputation. Structured data is perhaps the other factor of interest: our recommendation is to see which schema markups have relevancy to your niche and implement all of them. You’ll be ahead of the game and, if the experts are right, this might help your SERPS too.



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