If your small business doesn’t have someone on staff to who knows and understands SEO chances are you will be shelling out way too much money to hire a third party to do the work for you. Sometimes those companies will give you false promises of getting you to rank on page 1 of Google. I say false promises because they will deliver you some page 1 results, but not the kind of results you will likely be looking for. For instance let’s say you run a car parts retailer. There’s hundreds of keywords you could rank for. But you really want to rank for as many high volume ones as you can. Sometimes that’s difficult because of the level of competition.


But let’s take a look at some of the numbers on Google Analytics. The keyword “car parts retailer” only has 91 local monthly searches. Well that company you hired might get you on page 1 for that term. But it won’t get you business really. Whereas if you could rank for “Auto parts retail” you’d be happy to realize there are 49,500 monthly local searches for that term. With or without a hired company you’d be hard pressed to rank for the latter term but there are several terms that are in-between these two extremes that you are really chasing. Like “auto parts retailers” which has 1,300 local searches. Trying to win long tail keywords that have low-medium competition is a good strategy.


But if you don’t have someone on your staff running your SEO you may not know any of that. In fact the company you hired could be telling you how great your SEO because of their work when in reality you aren’t highly optimized at all. Google is always changing. Likely so is your industry too. Search terms will have volume spikes certain times of year. Maybe your business thrives in the summer, or only in the winter. Optimizing fresh content around the industry trends is really important. Chances are, you probably know more about your industry than anyone you could hire to do your SEO anyway. So invest some time and staff resources into learning SEO.


There are some great ways to learn from the pros for free. So even if you don’t have the ability to hire an SEO expert, you can soon become your own expert. Check out these blogs for tips tricks and more:

  1. SEOMoz Blog (
  2. Search Engine Land (
  3. Matt Cutts Blog (


If you don’t want to learn SEO, you feel like it’s too hard, then look into hiring an internet marketing consultant – not some company abroad. Those companies can cost you. They might engage in black-hat techniques which might offer high rankings fast but it will catch up to you. 


When you hire an expert you will also get more personalized attention than hiring a large marketing company. Big companies not the best way to go, after all, they have large over-head costs and who do you think will pay for that? You. 


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