You have people view your products or services that interest them. However, not everyone who is on your website would purchase them at one go. Many would purchase it a few days, weeks or even months down the line. Many people visiting are in just the “research mode”. Just another advertisement to them could make the different between viewing the product and buying it.

For sellers and companies who are selling on an eCommerce platform, it becomes important to reach out to customers through remarketing. Remarketing allows companies and sellers to target customers who had previously made an enquiry or viewed your item but did not convert so that you can get greater conversions.

How do you do it?

Google has Google Adwords for Google remarketing. The procedure is simple. Remarketing helps you to place cookies on the website visitors who view your products online, and their cookie ID will be added to the remarketing list.

You can decide just how long the cookie stays on the remarketing list or how many impression caps or ads you would be showing per day to the visitor. Since the new rules by Google, advertisers has more features in their hands, including a minimum threshold of 100 cookies on the remarketing list.

How can you use remarketing?

Remarketing helps connect with targeted customers. It connects to visitors who may not have made a purchase but have definitely shown interest or browsed the page. When customers are online, remarketing allows you to place your ad right in front of them. Remarketing is a very reliable and effective way of sales enhancement in this highly competitive way. You can easily track the outcomes through normal conversion tracking.

And that’s what brings us to dynamic remarketing.


How can you use Dynamic Remarketing?

One step ahead in the same strategy is Dynamic remarketing which shows the visitors ads, related to what they have been viewing in the past on your web page. Dynamic remarketing is for the target audience, which has viewed your web page. Dynamic marketing enhances the sales by bringing the customers back on the site. The idea is to remind the customers of their previous views which pushes them to make a purchase. The ads, however, should be attractive and should call for action.

The whole remarketing system is based on a simple idea of placing cookies on the visitor’s machines who have met the criteria or in the later case, who has browsed the web page. The whole system, however, is highly dependent on how attractive the new ad is. The whole process will fall flat on the face if the visitor does not pay heed to the ad.

What should you know as an advertiser?

For dynamic remarketing, allow a full product range to be tagged so that the sales volumes are positively affected. For Remarketing keep in mind that the target audience should be trapped effectively so make an impressive list of a number of ads and the variety to be displayed.

However, remarketing and dynamic remarketing are needed to ensure that the process is complete. Visitors these days easy access so many things on the net that creating a suitable balance and strategy is a must to increase sales volumes.

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