Nowadays it is almost impossible to live without mobile devices. Getting to meet a new person at the park, you’ll need a phone. Want to check the current news? Want to order a pizza? The cell phone is definitely the nearest and the most convenient device to use. As this is the case, then you need to get the best out of your phone and mobile SEO will surely guide to achieve that.

Why mobile SEO?

Phones are the most convenient devices to have in the current century. As a matter of fact, more than half of the world’s population owns one. This being said, again more than half of the world’s population gain access to the internet, and this is exactly where mobile SEO comes in. Mobile SEO in full is Mobile Search Engine Optimization. It is very essential because it helps you to get just what you want from the internet. Research has shown that most of the quick searches are done through the phone. This has made mobile devices more efficient in helping you get just what you want.

What’s the difference between Mobile and desktop SEO?

Mobile search and desktop search slightly differ. Mobile SEO is more concerned with the local search whereas the desktop is more concerned with things general.

Google’s mobile-first index

Very soon, Google will be able to give rankings based on the mobile version of a site in lieu of the desktop version. Google will be able to rank your site and give you ranks and if your mobile site is not good, your competition with better mobile site will rank higher. The higher your mobile website’s ranking, more business you will get.

The changes soon to come

The Google mobile first index will change so many things. First, you should have your website mobile optimized.  You can always present as much info on the mobile site as you would in the desktop site. All you need to know is that you must always maintain the content wherever it may be. Then also, inform Google about the site you are using.

How to go about it

With mobile optimization, it is very important to ensure that your site is easily reachable, fast and easy to handle. You should know your visitors, the site performance and how many are currently visiting from mobile devices.  A good user experience is essential.

Mobile SEO performance

It is very important to check how your mobile site is working and try to optimize it as much as you can. The slower the performance the fewer visitors you will have on your site. People on mobile devices have less patience. You can always improve on your performance as it is something you can always work on gradually.

To improve your site speed

There are quite a number of things you can do to improve your site speed. The seven major things that essential are as follows:

  • Make use of javascript and HTML.
  • Cache the most important things.
  • Use very few images
  • Always update your redirects
  • Concentrate much of your efforts on good hosting
  • Have few ad servers.
  • User experience.

There is much to do to ensure that your user gets the best from your site. Some things you should keep in check are:

  • Your font size
  • The button size
  • The space between lines
  • A clickable submenu

Always focus to write things related to the content your visitors look upon your site. If possible, make quite a number of links to give even more info. Also, you should make it easy to contact you. Use clickable phone numbers, your forms should be short and easy.

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