Getting to know Google’s SEO (search engine optimization) algorithm is not an easy task. It is always changing and evolving. One just about keywords and backlinks, SEO is now more elaborate marketing system that every business owner should have. Google has numerous ranking signals and they continue to change. Staying ahead of the game and keeping up with the changes is the best way to optimize your marketing strategies.

Your Website Ranking In 2018: What You Need To Know

  • Mobile website: Your website may look great from the desktop computer, but the mobile site is different and may be causing you trouble. The new mobile-first index now ranks your website based on the mobile version of your site. Spend time on your mobile site and make sure loading time, navigation, design, and information format are your focus to get the top rankings.
  • Voice searches: As voice-activated devices increase in popularity, so do the need for voice searches. People prefer to search with their voice rather than typing, so you want to make sure your site has this capability so it doesn’t miss out. Be sure to use accurate syntax and everyday language that people would use when talking.
  • Answers in a featured context: Because of the popularity of voice searches, brief overviews as a meta description no longer work. Instant answers allow users to scan more quickly and find what they want. If your site doesn’t provide these instant answers, users may move on to another site. When it comes providing answers, you want them to be short, precise, and accurate. Consider reworking your FAQ section, so Google can find relevant information easier and relay it back to your customer.
  • Optimization of intent: This is one of the more unique trends for 2018 is the optimization of intent. One of Google’s biggest changes to its search engine algorithm is that your ranking will be driven by the intention of the keyword. If a keyword has a clear intent for buying, then e-commerce sites will be given higher rankings. This means users will get sites where they can but something rather than news stories about the item they were looking for. With this new trend in optimization, you need to choose wiser keywords.
  • User experience: This has and continues to be the top factor in rankings for your website. Google continues to focus on user experience to determine which websites will show at the top of search engine lists. You need to stay on top of your user’s browsing habits, as well as the speed, relevancy, quality, and context of your site so that you can make necessary changes.

Final thoughts

SEO is an ever-changing system so to keep your website in the top rankings, you need to stay on top of the trends. To keep your online operations successful, you want to keep your website in line with Google’s optimization trends. For 2018, following the above trends will keep you on top, but make sure you watch for changes in 2019, so you don’t lose any rankings.

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