When you are visiting a website for the first time you may not have made your mind up yet about whether you are going to make a purchase from that site. One of the main things that you will be concerned about is whether the business is trustworthy and whether they are going to deliver what they promise.

This is the same for any potential customers that may be visiting your site. If they do not have much awareness of your business then they are not going to be completely sure how you operate. Before they consider making a purchase they want to know that your company can be trusted and that there is no risk when they purchase a product from you.

Third-party testimonial websites like Yelp or local review sites like Google Map are great places to have people leave reviews. Those reviews will help your website rank better and people to trust you more. The question here, however, should you put reviews on your business website?

I would say yes. There is a right way to do this though. Good reviews will demonstrate to new customers how you have helped others in the past and this can really raise their confidence in your business. These do not have to be huge amounts of content, just a few lines from previous customers about how they were happy with the service they received is really all that is needed.

Tips to find the ideal place for your testimonials

It can be difficult to know where to put these testimonials. They are often onto short pieces of content and so on their own, they do not really have any role to play in SEO. A common mistake that people make is to place all of their testimonials and reviews on the same page. Although it might seem to make sense that the customer can read all of the reviews in one place, this does not really work out in reality. There is no guarantee that the customer will even look at this page and if they do not then there is a lot of valuable information that they could be missing out on.

A better approach is to include the testimonial next to the product that it relates to. If a customer is already browsing the product then there is a good chance that it is something they are interested in purchasing. A testimonial from another customer can give them a brief insight into how this item can be used and how it has been helpful to others. This could be the last piece of information that they need before they make that decision to purchase the item.

If you provide a service, the customer could leave you a review that you can present with some project pictures. You can even create Portfolio pages for reviews with pictures and a short description of the project.

It is also essential that the testimonials you use are genuine. Any trust that you have built up with a customer will be lost immediately if they find out you have been using fake testimonials on your site. You should also check with the customer that has left the testimonial that it is ok for you to use it on your site. Some customers may be happy to speak to others about the testimonial that they have provided but this will not apply to everyone. The personal information of anyone that has written a testimonial should be protected at all times.

Good testimonials can work wonders for your business but you have to be sure that you are using them in the right way. They may not be something that a customer will hunt for on your website and so they have to be somewhere that they can be found easily. They also need to be located in places that are relevant so that they make sense to the customer when they are reading them.

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