You’ve probably seen a lot of newer websites use sliders. Some people love them but others hate them. The messy truth is that they may work well in some cases, but not in others. Sliders have their clear advantages and disadvantages.

Using a slider might be worth it for you. It makes sense to track your data. The slider might not have much of an effect on your results or rankings. You should know the potential risks going in, and this will allow you to make more informed business decisions.

Advantages of using sliders

Sliders can certainly make it easier to fit some information on the top of the webpage. Sliders can offer a professional look especially if you are using high quality images. Sliders also can have buttons that will lead people to other pages.

The actual size of the slider matters more when it comes to mobile users. Sliders force people to interact with the webpages, which is something that some website owner wants. They can make the webpage design more responsive, and a lot of experts actively recommend that people move in this direction when it comes to creating websites today.

Sliders can actively be used to create innovative webpages, and they can make a big difference when it comes to the overall look of your website. In some industries, pictures matter more. If you have a photography website or some something where design, art, nature, events, are in the focus, sliders can allow you to showcase your work as soon as someone enters your website.

Sliders can more or less make everything fit on the page more effectively, which is one of the reasons why they have become popular.

Disadvantages of using sliders

There is also a lot of debate about the actual disadvantages associated with sliders. For one thing, according to some metrics, sliders might have an effect on page speeds. Sliders might take longer to load. Some webpage visitors will find sliders frustrating to use.

There have been some studies that suggest that most visitors don’t even click on the slides or buttons. In practice, they’re only responding to the first picture so it’s better to use only one picture. If a website has a high bounce rate, people will certainly never see beyond your first picture.

Sliders also sadly have the tendency to get stuck. If any of them have devices with poor memory in particular, they might not be able to use the sliders properly one way or another. While sliders can make things easier for mobile users in some ways, at least when it comes to making everything fit, they sometimes won’t even be functional on mobile devices.

Sliders might also have an effect on the SEO of your website, depending on the nature of the sliders. If they literally get in the way of the content, this can be a huge issue. You might find that sliders will have a negative impact on your conversion rate. Sliders also might have a negative impact on your search engine rankings. For the people who are struggling with SEO, almost every decision counts when it comes to trying to make things better.

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