PPC audits are an important aspect if you are going to evaluate the effectiveness of your Pay Per Click campaigns such as Google Adwords or Yahoo/Bing advertising.
When carrying out a PPC campaign audit, businesses are able to position themselves quickly against their direct competitors. Advertisers are also able to identify if there is anything amiss with the PPC account, how to improve account performance, as well as project the expected results if certain changes are made.

One of the major features to look at is whether the naming structure is clear and understandable. Advertising campaigns especially if they are carried out online need to not only attract the users’ eye but also ensure that they understand what it is all about so they can click on the advertisement. The very first thing to do is identify the overall campaign structure.  Auditing the campaign structure brings forth all other structures that come together to ensure a smooth flow of activities.

Once the structure is as expected, it is important to equally address the set up of ad groups. The idea is to help ensure that the ad group is not too wide. When they are too wide, it becomes difficult to match ad copy writing to the applied terms. Ad groups come with varying features and traits and during an audit, one is sure of their functionality and performance towards booting campaign objectives.

Another important aspect to audit is the keyword selection and use. The audit seeks to establish whether there is a balance between the broad keywords, exact terms, as well as the phrase or the mixed terms. These terms should come together to draw traffic towards the advert and decrease your cost per click. With quality traffic, one can translate it to more business for a company, which in turn reflects on the profit margin.

Ads also play a great role in PPC advertisements. When auditing ads, one starts from the basic concept of whether it is free of grammatical errors and spelling error. One must also consider the aspect of punctuation when looking at ads. Also, ensure that all ads are up to standard and that they are up to date thus preventing advertising offers or prices that are already expired. It is also recommended that individuals perform ad tests. This goes a long way into enhancing the overall performance of the PPC program.

It is advisable that PPC audits are carried out frequently and on a regular basis. Companies or individuals can seek for professional assistance to carry out the PPC audit. If you are in the L.A. area,  Contact me and I can come by to audit your PPC campaigns. If you are not in LA, I can still help on the phone.

Some PPC audit tools are available online without having to hire someone else to do it. I do not like them however, in my opinion each and every company’s needs are different; what works for you  wouldn’t workfor others.

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