You should use PPC to test out what keywords are working best for your website. Many companies still advertise with PPC even after coming up high in the organic search results. Now there are hundreds of Pay Per Click search engines you can buy your traffic from, but which is the best?

I would say Google Adwords is the best way to go. Even though it can be expensive, most people use Google so you have the most chance to be found.

The second best choice is Microsoft Ad Center which is now Yahoo! together with BING hoping to get the lead against Google. It also brings quality leads and high volume to all who wish to advertise on it.

I would also not forget about the social networks like Facebook. Here you can’t just buy followers with your PPC ads but you can lead them to your website as well.

There are other players on the field that you might never heard of, but are good because of better targeting and less saturation. I would mention here ABC Search and Miva. Both can be great for your specific targeting or if you have special needs.

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