It took a while and was some stress involved but we have a brand new website for Guardian Pool Fence and I’m really happy with the outcome:

pool fence

First there was an indian company I dealt with and they built a custom CMS for us. It was full of bugs if they fixed something they ruined three other things and was unable to set up the SEO friendly URLs that I was initially asking for and was promised. Every page was called from a database and had weird looking, long urls. Since this was very important to us I had to find someone else who can complete the work. I found my programmer in Hungary and he is awesome. He told me that the code is really messy and he is constantly “cleaning up” Indian programmers’ work. He offered to creat a WordPress based website and he completed it just in a few days. We had all bells and whistles that we needed. The best of all we don’t just have SEO friendly URLs but all plugins that WordPress have to offer. I love it.

The website was completed last week and just finished optimizing it today. I’ve started writing blogs a couple of months ago and I am using SEOMoz and IBP tools to find inbound link opportunities. It will take a little while but the goal is to lead Google when someone enters “Pool Fence” nationally. Now the website does not rank on Google with this term.

Let me know if you need help with web design or SEO.


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