So here is this year’s first big Google algorithm change the Penguin update. I see many posts and articles already on the topic, and many webmasters, SEOs are screaming how awful this update is. I hardly see positive comments. Maybe it is because there is none or maybe because who were affected by this update positively, are not on these forums to cry.


Everyone should understand that they cannot rely only on organic search results. Appearing on the top organically should be an added bonus. Evidently Google is not making money on organic results and they have the right to do any kind of changes they want whether you like it or not. Google never guarantees that you appear in the organic search results. If you want guarantee, use Pay Per Click!


I’ve been working on a few websites and not one of them fell behind after the Penguin update. Guardian’s website actually benefited. We were around result 3 on “pool fence” before. The #1 result was with many main keyword terms. They were so ahead of us – counting the number of their inbound links – that I thought it will take years to reach up to them. Now they are coming up #4 or #5.


Number 1 on Google


After the update we are now #1, #2 or #3 results. Many times #1 nationally with our main keyword term “pool fence“. I am working hard to try to keep the website clean. New content is being created almost daily. I build links by guest blogging, and by building relationships within the industry.


I am not saying I am better or “I told you so”. I was maybe just lucky with this update, and the next one will hit my sites. But I will just keep doing what I am doing, making sure that the methods I use will stay white hat. I will also keep running PPC campaigns, I will use Social Media websites and all other internet marketing methods, so when the next big change hits, I will be ready!


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