Brand new websites need at least 6 to 12 months to be listed higher on Google. Google first indexes the new website, lists it for a few days then it might drop it from its result pages for several months. Other search engines, (Bing or Yahoo) after indexing the website, they will keep the site around but not Google. So when you optimize a website at first, and they appear on Google, you might client gets excited, and when it disappears, you will get a little scared, and you might try to change the design or keywords.


Google wants more content instead of mini-networks whereas webmasters are creating websites with the purpose to link it to the main website. Dropping the websites for a few months won’t offer these networks to jump quickly in the top anymore. They are encouraging quality instead of tricking the search engines.


What I advise my clients to write more contents and create inbound links to their website. In about 6-12 months, their website will appear higher for sure.

Google also drops older web pages for months when they change their content drastically. Don’t get me wrong, regular updates, fresh new content is important to rank higher. Just watch that you won’t change topics entirely or don’t change too many documents at once. Do it slowly!


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