We are now online 24/7. The internet is the place to go for everything. That being said, the internet is the best place for bringing attention to your business. Online reviews are a great way to gain attention and to improve customer service as well as grow the business. The best part is that getting online reviews is easier than you think. There are two main types of reviews: influencer reviews and customer reviews.

How to Get Online Reviews for Your Business?

Influencer Reviews

The use of influencer marketing is one of the best ways to quickly develop an online image and highlight issues within your intended interest group. There are four main types of influencer online reviews to pay attention to.

  • Social media influencers: Because of the speed with which digital ads get noticed, influencer reviews on your social media platforms are the best way to promote awareness of your brand. Social media gets the content in front of viewers and produces new leads as soon as it hits the site. The top social media influences include Lele Pons, Zach King, and Cameron Dallas.
  • Bloggers influencers: Sharing good content fills any gaps you might have in the content. Try to find bloggers that post about content related to your business or service. Some of the top bloggers to look for are Kate Spiers, Amy Powell, and Amelia Liana. You can also visit GetReviewed.org to help identify bloggers that offer high-quality reviews related to your industry.
  • Celebrity influencers: Famous people signal and stand for what is new and exciting. The way they are touted on social media makes them the most obvious form of influencer marketing. The problem with celebrities is that unless they are getting paid, it can be hard to even get their attention.
  • Journalist influencers: These are one of the best influencers to use because it is their job to educate. Journalists shape the manner in how the public sees things through their point of view. They are the most unprejudiced when it comes to influencers and the most trustworthy, as reputation has been earned.

Influence reviews are beneficial for your business because they provide enhanced brand awareness. They allow your brand to reach more people and can boost your online presence and position. Influencers have also built trust and relationships with their fans so that what they have to say about you will have a substantial impact on certain groups.  By using influencer marketing, your brand and business can reach specific targets that will be interested in your business. This is more effective when you choose influences that specialize in your industry. It also saves you money in trying to reach the right audiences. Once you have established a relationship with an influencer, you will have a connection to use again and again and will also be given the opportunity to expand connections through them. Ultimately this will expand your business success.

Customer Online Reviews

The portrayal provided by satisfied customers is ultimately the best version online viewers can get. Up to 70 percent of viewers read reviews before making a decision, so incorporating customer reviews is essential to your success.  There are third party sites that people like to consult before making a decision and your relationship with these can help or hinder your online success.

  • Yelp: This is a trusted source among buyers when it comes to reviews so make sure your business is registered with them.
  • Facebook: People can leave reviews on your Facebook page as well. Make sure that your Facebook is in good standing so that potential clients can easily find you and you can gain their trust.
  • Google: Google My Business is the largest and most trusted search engine where clients can discover you and read reviews.


It is important to remember that you know your industry so chose review websites that will attract committed and serious clients. Their results will reappear each time your business is searched and this bodes well for you. Before you ask for a review to be written, make sure that you are specific about what you want. Once the reviews are done, you need to keep track of any data such as date of exchange, the medium used for contact, and the achievement rate of the individuals writing the reviews. Having reviews will boost your online presence and ultimately your business success. Be sure to incorporate as many review options as you can to get the clients you want courtesy of the most trusted names in your industry.

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