Unlike before, there is more to on-page SEO than just going through a list and editing. The traditional page element now has to be included. This is why it is important to go through the following 8 principles to be successful in on-page SEO.

1. Give the Searcher all they want

Every searcher has a goal and intent and it is your duty to know what it is. If for instance, a searcher searches for types of wedding formal wear, we will conclude that they want to check different kinds of formal wear. Having a variety of formal wears to choose from will help you win over the customer.

2. Gear up speed

Google operates on user satisfaction and the faster the pages are, the more links and amplification you are bound to receive. So to get better ranking, you must improve your speed.

3. Use UX, UI and branding to create trust and engagement

Other than speed, this point should also be considered to improve user experience. This means you should have that multi-device friendliness that’s capable on any device. This will make you be able to influence a bigger audience.

4. Keep off factors that discourage visitors

You should always keep off elements that chase visitors away. The major one is the one that interferes with the content consumption experience. The overlays have negative impact and can be seen in your engagement data, your user and usage data.

5. Keyword focus

On-page ranking still depends on the keyword up to date. When you are targeting a particular keyword, you need to balance it out with other aspects such as title element, page content, image file name, and Internal links.

6. Related topics

Google has started building up a graph between related topics which means making use of them is important. What are the terms and phrases searchers would be thinking about when they search for a particular keyword? If you fail to include them in your content, then you may not get the chance to rank high.

7. Snippet optimization

Driving click is equally as important as driving the ranking. Having the best-optimized snippet in the SERP is the best way to advertise your content to your visitors and drive both ranking and clicks.

8. Unique value

When you are thinking of doing on-page optimization, this is a principle you need to consider. It instills values in you to know what bar you need to reach in order to have a chance to rank well and consistently.

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