Arc Machines is a new client of mine and it seems like our relationship will be a long one. Hopefully. It’s a California based company and I am doing different website related tasks and design projects for them. The latest one is a NEWSLETTER Design. This Newsletter was built from scratch and involved lots of work.

First I created the header of the newsletter and the side menu. The blocks of content was created later on. I designed the eNews Letter in Photoshop then I sliced it up, uploaded it to the web. The customer uses Constant Contact for their email marketing projects so I had to add it to their HTML editor as well. Constant contact one of the most user friendly e-mail marketing program out there. However please note that the email clients (gmail, yahoo, msn, aol, outlook) are all different and they display HTML newsletters differently. They don’t always look perfect; which is why it is advised to add a link to each newsletter which leads to the web page where the newsletter is displayed.

I am really proud of this one, I think it came out pretty nice. 🙂

Newsletter Design Project

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