I’ve started working in-house for a Pool Fencing company. They didn’t have internet marketing in-house before, all internet marketing projects were outsourced to agencies.

They had a large PPC campaign running, and I saw signs of SEO done. However their official website was created about 8 years ago and SEO changed A LOT since then.


The titles, descriptions were all missing, the home page had keyword stuffing, too many colors, a little guy appeared tallking about the company… It is clearly old techniques. Was not working for me.

All the PPC campaigns were landing on the home page. The PPC company were creating duplicate pages for tracking purposes with a proxy. This resulted lots of duplicate pages. Even though they explained proxy is not hurting SEO, I did not like it.

Gardian has a good online presence. It is on Google Local, Yelp and on most of the good local directories. I added the company domain to the open directory, but it will take months until it will appear. If it will ever appear…

The goal is to rank the website with the main keyword “pool fence” on the top of Google. Other important keywords to rank with are “pool fences”, “pool fencing” and “pool safety fence”. Then we will see the long tail keywords. Currently the site is not ranking with any of the main terms.

I saw some Press Releases created in the past which is published in many places. Then there is YouTube. I couldn’ tever again access their main account so I had to create a brand new one. I created a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts too.

So there was some work clearly done before but it was unorganized. Which is why they hired me.

The first thing I’ve been doing is re-designing the website, adding social media widgets, the blog option and bring it to the 21st century. As soon as the design is done, I am going to optimize it and will start to write regular blogs, create new content. I am also taking over the PPC campaigns and will turn it around. I am creating custom landing pages for each campaigns. A/B test everything until we have a very good campaign going. I am very excited about this project.

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