Google has announced its latest upcoming algorithm update scheduled for April,21, 2015. The new changes will affect two key areas including, mobile friendly websites and app indexing. Which means, website owners and app developers will need to know these latest developments in order to respond accordingly. Considering the fact that now 50% of the search queries are made on mobile devices, this change will be significant.

These changes are major because it affects all users worldwide. With these new developments, Google Search says, it is positioning mobile users to receive the highest quality related results when they enter in their search information. Thereby, making it much easier for mobile device users to obtain the responses that they need as quickly as possible.

For those who want to make sure that their sites and apps receive the attention that they want and desire, they can find more information on THIS SITE which provides site owners and app developers with the most recent information that they will need to move forward. Some of the important information supplied involves directing visitors to the documentation that they will need in order to assist them with making the necessary site changes. For instance, webmasters can secure the information that they need via a guide that is designed specifically for mobile friendly websites information and the required rules. Additionally, once the new updates to these sites have been made, developers can use the tools provided by Google Search to test the site to see if it is compliance with their latest updates.

In addition to reviewing the latest mobile website friendly changes, app developers will also need to pay special attention to the April 21, 2015 implementation date as well. To meet their newly established requirements, developers can also review a step by step guide. This guide has been designed to help the app development community with the instructions that consists of “how to” implement app indexing.

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