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Local Advertising – GEO Targeting

If you have a local business, GEO targeting is going to enable you to really connect with your customers. You can make your content very location-specific for all of them. As a person who has a local business, you should be able to represent the needs and wants of local people successfully anyway. Through GEO targeting, it should be that much easier for you to be able to reach them at the best of times anyway.

Targeting people with different content by taking into account their geographical differences can produce better results compared with targeting everyone with the exact same content. The beauty of GEO targeting is that whether you have a local or international company, GEO targeting can help.

Local Keywords

Local Keyword Research

Lots of the most important GEO targeting techniques involve using the right keywords. You are going to need to find a way to generate hyper-local keywords. There are several different ways of getting this done. Trying Google’s autosuggest by using a mobile device or desktop will give you more varied results, and it will help you target people who primarily use their mobile devices as well.

City Pages

City Pages

Creating unique city pages for each city in the area you serve is a great way to GEO target. Talk about your products or services specifically targeting each city. Make sure these pages are all unique, offer value to the reader and add a call-to-action to the end.

Mobile Directories

Mobile Directories

When you own a local business and wish to gain more customers people will have to find you in their area. Nowadays people search for local businesses and services on their mobile devices and in specific apps. For example if you are a local restaurant and you deliver we need to make sure that your business will come up in apps like Uber Eats.

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